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  Synchronizer SX

  Synchronize files and folders on different computers or different drives

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Synchronizer SX is the utility that helps you to keep up-to-date storage drives of every computer you are using.
With this tool you can synchronize data in different folders, drives or even different computers.
With Synchronizer SX you can compare and synchronize desktop and laptop folders. USeful for everyone who has notebook as second computer. With this tool you can compare and synchronize files in any 2 different folders, both in manual and automatic mode. Network is fully supported as supported any storage devices: from floppy disks to SCSI hard drives and RAM disks. You can load and save any folder lists and proceed as many tasks as you want. Trial version is fully functional.

  • Folders synchronizer
  • Files synhronizer
  • Compare folders
  • Compare desktop and laptop folders


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    Synchronizer SX
    With Synchronizer SX you can synchronize data in different folders, disks or different computers.

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