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  Create your own high quality MIDI Music files Fast and Easy with this MIDI Music sequencer!

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MIDI Importer

MIDI Tracker can import MIDI music files. However, MIDI import is still in development, it works for the most of the files. Please note, MIDI Tracker uses text tables to store events, so it will be not great idea to edit live music, played using MIDI keyboards or any MIDI-in device.


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Example MP3 Music file
Example MP3 Music file
Example MP3 Music file
Example MP3 Music file
Example MP3 Music file (1.2M)
Example MP3 Music file (1.9M)
Example MIDI ringtone (17K)
Example MIDI file #15 (23K)
Example MIDI file #51 (29K)
Example MIDI file #63a
Example MIDI file #69

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