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New MIDI Tracker VST example:

MP3 Music file (2.4M) - Enjoy!


Merry Christmas!

MIDI Tracker 1.7.6 released

- selectable pattern length from 'Options' form for any new pattern
- increased font size for default color schemes
- Some minor changes

Download .exe or .zip to install


New example MIDI Tracker VST track - playing it LIVE in real-time using new 'Channel Lock' function:

MP3 Music file (1.7M) - Live recording MP3


Multi Rename Pro 1.2.1 released

- Project name changed
- Some minor changes

Download .exe or .zip to install


MIDI Tracker 1.7.5 released

- 'Channel Lock' function - middle mouse button locks/unlocks channel from Open All/Close All (right mouse button) action
- Some minor changes

Download .exe or .zip to install


Password Generator 1.3.0 released.

- Color scheme options: Default, White, Gray, Yellow, Blue
- Some other fixes and updates


MIDI Tracker 1.7.4 released

- Expand template option (*2, *3)
- Shrink template option (*2, *3, *4)
- Some minor changes

Download .exe or .zip to install


Rename Easy 1.2.0 released.

- File Date/Time column
- Insert File Date/Time menu item
- Insert File Date at start
- Insert File Time at start
- Insert File Date at end
- Insert File Time at end
- Minor fixes and updates


NotePad SX Pro 1.5.0 released.

- Tab dragging
- Several fixes and updates


MIDI Tracker 1.7.2 released

- Fill Random option
- Some minor changes

Download .exe or .zip to install


MIDI Tracker 1.7.1 released

- The new page of Options: Options->MIDI-In
  - Use 'as is'
  - Ignore velocities
  - Minimum velocity (0..127)
- Some minor changes

Download .exe or .zip to install


MIDI Tracker 1.7.0 released

- MIDI-in support:
  - Playing
  - Editing
  - All events sending to current MIDI channel
  - Selecting
  - Auto saving to options
- Better editing from Piano form
- Some minor changes

Download .exe or .zip to install


New 1.6.8 version of MIDI Tracker released

- 4 New buttons 'Notes lentghs' on 'Edit selection/track/channel' toolbar to quick access to that functions
- Some minor changes

Download .exe or .zip to install


WaveEd 0.9.1 released!

- Better (double buffered) samples drawing
- Some minor changes


NotePad SX Pro 1.4.6 released

- Text to HTML conversion improved
- Some minor changes


WaveEd 0.9.0 released!

- XI editor enabled
- Save file As XI option
- Color schemes: White, Black, Blue
- Play options: as is, -1 semitone, -2 semitones, -3 semitones, +1 semitone, +2 semitones, +3 semitones
- Some minor changes


StackUp Pro updated to version 1.7.0:

- now 200 best scores saved for each game
- new menu music (mixing available)
- some minor changes


The new 1.6.7 version of MIDI Tracker released

- New 'Edit selection/track/channel' toolbar to quick access to transpose (in addition to hotkeys) and quantize
- New buttons for custom menu
- Some minor changes

Download .exe or .zip to install


Unit Converter Pro 1.2.0 released.

- Double-click conversion result to add it to memo text
- Format result customizable options: Thousand sepatator, decimal separator, digits after decimal point
- Currency conversions
- Bits and bytes conversions
- Some other fixes and updates


Password Generator 1.2.0 released.

- Custom characters as option
- Clear clipboard on exit option
- Password length, numbers of password - more one-click options
- Format passwords in groups option (custom number of characters in groups)
- Some new icons
- Some other fixes and updates


Media Explorer 2.1.0 released.

- Popup menu at Image extended with additional options
- Main Menu at Full mode
- Image loading progress on the screen
- Show image dimentions menu item
- Shell execute selected file (open into default viewer/editor) menu item
- Some other fixes and updates


Rename Easy 1.1.0 released.

- 'Insert at the end of filename' feature
- 'Crop from position to position' feature
- 'Add counter at start' feature
- 'Reverse file names' feature
- Popup menu to shell execute selected file
- Minor fixes and updates


Synchronizer SX 1.1.0 released

- Some new icons
- 'Stop process' button
- More processing windows messages during operations
- Some minor changes


Backup Utility 1.4.0 released.

- Recent files in main menu and popup menu
- New Icons and more toolbar buttons
- Warning to use .zip files over 2gb - not use it, use another archiver like WinRar or smaller files
- FileName edit control fixed for Properties window
- Run minimized feature
- Minimize to tray
- Tray menu including 'Open and Backup' one-click feature
- Some minor updates


SiteMan 1.0.6 released

- Example included in the installing package
- Some minor updates and fixes


NotePad SX Pro updated to version 1.4.5

- 'Save new version' function added (to save current document with next available filename)


The new 1.6.5 version of MIDI Tracker released

- New color scheme added
- Some minor changes

Download .exe or .zip to install


MIDI Tracker links page updated


New example MIDI Tracker video:


Player 1.7.5 released

Download .exe or .zip to install


The new 1.6.4 version of MIDI Tracker released

- 'Add special' note off event for automation tracks fixed
- Some minor changes
- New example song added

Download .exe or .zip to install


New example MIDI Tracker videos uploaded to YouTube:


NotePad SX Pro and NotePad SX are updated to version 1.4.4


The new 1.6.3 version of MIDI Tracker released

New functions
- 50% scale Piano mode
- Clear all Filter cuts (values) at current pattern function
- +1 Octave from current value, -1 Octave from current value at Transpose channel fixed
- Transpose automation tracks fixed
- Some additional changes

Download .exe or .zip to install


New example MIDI Tracker track - playing it LIVE in real-time:

MP3 Music file (2.2M) - Live recording MP3


The new 1.6.2 version of MIDI Tracker released

New functions
- Send current Filter cut value to track (automation track of current pattern)
- Send all Filter cut values to tracks (of current pattern)
- +1 Octave from current value, -1 Octave from current value at Transpose channel
- Transpose block/track/channel - octave up/down in menu
- Set notes length track/channel values: -5, -6, -7, -8
- Less redraw pattern calls
- Copy, Paste for MIDI Channel Properties fixed for default color scheme

Download .exe or .zip to install


The new 1.6.1 version of MIDI Tracker released

- Options -> Default patterns length variable from 32 to 256
- Copy, Paste for MIDI Channel Properties
- '128', '256' predefined values of Add Template length

Download .exe or .zip to install


New example MIDI Tracker track - MIDI using sound bank GeneralUser.sf2:

MP3 Music file (3.1M) - Hope You like it!


New example MIDI Tracker track - playing it LIVE in real-time:

MP3 Music file (4.5M) - Live recording MP3


New example MIDI Tracker track - playing it LIVE in real-time:

MP3 Music file (1.6M) - Live recording MP3


Another MIDI Tracker VST track by Alex/Expedance: Where The Sun Is Shining

Plus another updates in Expedance music section.

Hope You like it!


The new 1.6.0 version of MIDI Tracker released


The new 1.5.7 version of MIDI Tracker released


New example MIDI Tracker (VST Edition) track: Evening music 2018-04-09 (3M) - melodic trance track - .mp3 file (128kbps)

Hope you enjoy this track


Mini Browser 1.0 released.

- Download YouTube videos
- View Youtube videos in stay-on-top window
- Tabbed windows interface
- Save Web page as PDF document
- Adobe Flash player built-in
and much more!


NotePad SX Pro 1.4.3 released.

Several fixes with auto-open function and opening using command line (Open with...)


NotePad SX Pro 1.4.2 uploaded.

Now active page automatically switched to opening file when opening using command line


StackUp Pro updated to version 1.6.0:

- New Game - Columns 7 colors added - play it with orange blocks too


New example MIDI Tracker track - playing it LIVE in real-time:


The new 1.5.5 version of MIDI Tracker released


New example MIDI Tracker (VST Edition) example (#008): MIDI Tracker VST 008 (4.7M) - Trance track - .mp3 file (128kbps)

Real-time playing with channels and filter cut-offs.


StackUp Pro updated to version 1.5.0:

- Window Mode added to available modes
- Number of FREE runs changed from 20 to 30


New MIDI Tracker track:


New example MIDI Tracker (VST Edition) file: MIDI Tracker VST 007 (3.3M) - Major trance track - .mp3 file (128kbps)

Hope you enjoy it


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

MIDI Tracker (VST Edition) is currently under development

And now we have several new example music files of MIDI Tracker working with VST synths

New example: MIDI Tracker VST 006 (2.6M) - Live recording - .mp3 file


New example MP3 Music file (1.9M) - Live recording - (.mp3 file for those who still didn't install any MIDI synth with Sound banks)

Update: And another live recording MP3 Music file (2.6M) - Live recording MP3


The new version of MIDI Tracker already available for all registered users


New screenshot of MIDI Tracker


New example MP3 Music file (1.9M)


The new version of MIDI Tracker

Free Soundfont to replace General MIDI - 33Mb soundfont very good

MIDI soundfont synth to load soundfonts with any soundcard - to use with MIDI Tracker or any other purpose


New perfect free MIDI-related links:

Free Soundfont to replace General MIDI - 33Mb soundfont very good

MIDI soundfont synth to load soundfonts with any soundcard - to use with MIDI Tracker or any other purpose

Thank you for your help finding these links.


The new MIDI Tracker song for the new MIDI Tracker dance music library by Expedance music:

Expedance - Waiting for the Sunrise (2016) - used Microsoft sound synthesizer device for arrangement

With elements of House, Trance, Dance, plus #1 MIDI Piano and a lot of channel volume events (MIDI sidechain) and also panning

Used unreleased version of MIDI Tracker that will be released soon. Some new features were used in this track will be available for you as soon as possible.

Buy now for just $11.49 and you will get free updates for all further versions (no 'download Protection' required for ordering)


New MIDI Tracker song: MIDI MTR - "Lullaby song"

Chords with sidechain plus some melodies and drums


BackUp utility page @Download.com and RF1 Systems page @Download.com


Additional MIDI Tracker web site is updated

Send us your MIDI Tracker music to be published on MIDI Tracker music page

Also updated additional web site of the Player


MIDI Tracker 1.4.8 released.

  • Updated toolbar icons
  • Bug fixed while loading file with more than 16 channels
  • Stay on top mode
  • Some minor changes

    Plus, new song added.

    'MIDI pseudo echo' used for this song; channels volume used for sidechain effect, so it sounds more dancy.

    With Stay on top mode it is easier to use MIDI Tracker as a player, play the music in real-time even toggling a channels when doing something like browsing the web or anything else.


    FireFox browser isn't safe, it sends information to google and some other locations too.

    Look at 'about:config' in your Firefox.

    There are options like (and must be set to for privacy)
    browser.safebrowsing.appRepURL = ''
    privacy.donottrackheader.enabled = true
    browser.safebrowsing.enabled = false
    browser.safebrowsing.malware.enabled = false
    geo.enabled = false

    Plus some other settings listed here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en/firefox/addon/privacy-settings/?src=search (maybe this addon works too, didn't try it yet)

    Plus - search for URLs in your 'about:config' search window - it may contain URLs like 'google.com' or others with some keys to send to theses URLs. They all can be replaced with blank lines in hope that Firefox will not use it in the future.

    Wish you private browsing, but it's hard to implement nowadays.

    BTW: Our MiniBrowser, based on Chromium looks good in that case, but it needs to be tested more, because it have 'third party' component inside.

    But Firefox sends TCP requests on google and other servers for sure, and you can try it by yourself by using IP Sniffer by Erwan L./ RunAs for example.


    New MIDI Tracker song: MIDI MTR

    Have fun today!


    Good news!

    Found an ability to watch YouTube videos in stay-on-top borderless window using Chromium-based application.

    By the way, playing YouTube videos in a windowed mode by replacing 'watch?v=' with 'v/' in the URL.


    Normal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cL_wh-d1pP4

    Windowed mode: https://www.youtube.com/v/cL_wh-d1pP4

    Now you can resize the video easily by resizing the window.

    This also allows you to view flagged content when not logged in



    Softpedia review on NotePad SX Pro 1.3.2:

    "This application is a lightweight, customizable plain text editor that features a tabbed interface...

    NotePad SX Pro is a fast plain text editor with, tabbed interface and interesting features such as generating random characters, reversing strings, offsetting ASCII characters, text-to-speech and removing HTML/XML tags or blanks lines.

    The interface can be customized by selecting or creating different styles, toggling all of the interface elements (menu, tool, status and scroll bars), or going fullscreen in order to remove any distractions. "

    Thank you, Softpedia


    Player 1.7.4 released.

    - undock video window in Medium mode
    - minor skins changes
    - transparency set for Micro and Brief modes

    English and russian versions uploaded (download page) also .ZIP archives with installers


    Player 1.7.3 released.

    - new MouseMove event - slider time deltas display
    - Docking video window to main window instead of docking main window to video
    - free trial changed from 30 to 60 days - if you need more please let us know

    Alternative download link for Player 1.7.3 also added (.ZIP archive with installer)


    Alternative download link for MIDI Tracker 1.4.7 added (.ZIP archive with installer)


    NotePad SX Pro 1.4.1 uploaded.

    Show/hide toolbar captions option to save space, for example, for Tablet PC usage

    Screenshot (classic Windows theme):

    Also: URLs fixed, older sxsoftware.com site moved to new URL: SXSoftware.Rf1.Net

    Notepad SX Pro Links page updated.


    MIDI Tracker links page updated


    Another MIDI Tracker song - currently in progress

    Example of MIDI export function of MIDI Tracker and using FLStudio for MIDI import:

    MIDI file imported into FLStudio:

    MIDI track replaced by VST instrument into FLStudio:

    You can also export pattern to MIDI file and mix the channels using FLStudio 'Playlist'

    There are channel volume events imported into FLStudio look like:

    MIDI Tracker:



    MIDI Tracker 1.4.7 released.

    Play chords with 'high keyboard' or/and 'low keyboard' with MIDI Tracker 1.4.7. 2 buttons to press if you wish to play chords using single PC keyboard key.

    Chords played taken from pressed Note Key and current Song Key, for example for Gmaj:
    G B D
    A C E
    B D F#
    C E G
    D F# A
    E G B
    F# A C

    For major key it is not just natural key, but also harmonic major or melodic major.
    F is absent in natural Gmaj key, but if we press key for F note we got F A C chord, so it tries to find more appropriate notes of a chord using current Key tone.


    Screenshot from Song70.mid - MIDI Tracker demo song :

    If you experiencing any problems with this file playback it maybe because of using too much 'Sustain Pedal' in this MIDI file.

    So, after making some changes and uploading MIDI exported song we got Song70a.mid - the same without sustain pedal usage.

    So we got an example of sustain pedal usage in MIDI files.
    It was ok while we playing into editor, but for MIDI export it is safer to disable any sustain pedal usage, not just 'd/a releases' option.

    FLStudio users: For FLStudio MIDI export also needed to disable 'sustain pedal' otherwise got 'Note Off' event lost. With 'sustain pedal' usage, all 'Note off' events are written to the exported MIDI file, but FLStudio seems to ignore it when loading.


    How fast you can create your own music using MIDI Tracker instead of listening to something on the air (choosen by someone for some purpose)?

    It is really fast and that is why we created MIDI Tracker - to make it fast and easy.

    You can create your own song in minutes. Like 15 minutes to have fun.

    Using sound banks (.SF2) or MIDI Synths like 'Yamaha XG WDM SoftSynthesizer' or 'Roland VSC' to get your music sounds differently from default Microsoft MIDI Synth or sound card sound bank.

    You can also export MIDI files to any other software like FLStudio or Cubase for futher arrangements.

    For example, it takes 10 minutes to create this file.
    Probably the file can be better and the time is smaller, but it is really fast music production.

    Another 5-7 minutes to mix the channels to get a song .

    15 minutes from blank file to MIDI song that can be listened, really fast.

    Several advantages to write MIDI music in MIDI Tracker - don't need to create any sounds and spend time,
    and don't need to make any copy/paste operations to create song from a pattern or patterns.
    You link to a pattern channel that was created once so much times as you need.
    'Add special' is the template that is useful too. In this track we just copied some channels to make it layered, but we can also use 'Add special' to make different melodies at the same rhythm.

    For example, here - in just uploaded song.

    'Add special' in this song used to create different melodies with the same melody rhythm.

    Even it is something that isn't got 100 of millions views, but this is your own song - not the product someone made, you made it!


    If you need more time of trial period, for example, for MIDI Tracker (or any other software) - please request it


    MIDI Tracker MIDI song uploaded: song69.mid

    Something in Amin + 4 halftones = C# minor key.

    Less than 37 kilobytes to hear, because it's MIDI file - just music, not anything else


    If you haven't money, but need any our software, you can get it for free.
    For example, you can send your MIDI Tracker songs or send tutorial screenshots or video tutorials 'how to use software'. Or write some good text / review / description.


    Also today Player, MIDI Tracker and NotePad passes our Windows 8 tablet PC test, so you can run it using Windows 8 tablet PC.

    For MIDI Tracker: you can use 'Piano' window to play and edit instead of Windows 8 on-screen keyboard to save the screen space for the editor.


    Please note, we don't ask to order any additional download packages when ordering software. Downloads are freely available on this site without any restrictions. You don't need to buy any additional packages/options to have download access for 24/7 365 days. Also any futher versions of ordered software will be updated for any registered users for free.


    Play chords with 'high keyboard' or/and 'low keyboard' for MIDI Tracker. 2 buttons to press if you wish to play chords using single PC keyboard key - plus new song and some more in the new version of MIDI Tracker very soon.


    I would like to say some info about Delphi programming is now moved to http://delphi.rf1.net/ instead of http://www.delphi7.net/. Sorry, still not much information currently on that Delphi site.


    MIDI Tracker 1.4.6 released. You can download it right now!
    Fixed Play and Insert chords using Song keytone when transpose <> 0 :

    Fixed Order editor. Go to next row instead of 'add value' when delete an item.

    2 New songs added (and another not ready song also known as pattern):


    New address (URL) for our software directory ImagesPro - Graphics and Video software directory

    ImagesPro moved from http://www.imagespro.com/ to http://imagespro.rf1.net/ .

    So you can use for example http://imagespro.rf1.net/programs/17848/ instead of http://www.imagespro.com/programs/17848/

    SXSoftware.com moved from http://www.sxsoftware.com/ to http://sxsoftware.rf1.net/ .


    Functionality information / description updated for NotePad SX Pro. NotePad SX Pro is HTML, PHP, C++, Pascal, Visual Basic, JAVA, CSS, XML, Perl, INI, SQL code editor with syntax highlighting. It has also all functions of Free NotePad SX


    New addresses for our software directories Freewareland, Sharewarebase, Softwarestorm, Winfiles, Audiosoft


    MIDI Tracker 1.4.5 released.


    MIDI Tracker 1.4.4 released. New song added.


    Backup Utility 1.3.3 released. Free trial switched from 7-days to 30-days.


    FreewareSeek is still updated every day download site with 32263 programs listed. You can visit it and find software you need.


    Rename Easy 1.0.2 released. Free trial also switched from 7-days to 30-days.


    MIDI Tracker 1.4.3 released. Some fixes and improvements.


    New Example MIDI file for MIDI Tracker: Version 1 and Version 2.


    NotePad SX Pro 1.4.0 uploaded! More advanced syntax highlighing for php, cpp, pas, java and much more. Free trial switched from 30 to 60 days!


    MIDI Tracker 1.4.2 released. "Shrink pattern" feature added. New Example MIDI file (use MIDI export feature to export your own MIDI files from MIDI Tracker)


    MIDI Tracker 1.4.1 released.


    Projects Notepad SX, Unit Converter, Graph Master, StackUp switched to freeware license. Notepad SX Pro, Unit Converter Pro, StackUp Pro added as new projects. Free updates for all registered users now switched to 'Pro' versions.


    MIDI Tracker 1.4.0 released. New color scheme to choose from, custom font type and font size, expand pattern and much more!


    Unit Converter 1.1 released!


    Player 1.7.2 released.


    Browser SX 2.2.2 updated! YouTube video download link options added. Toolbar icons for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 fixed.


    Player offer. $8.46 for registration and lifetime free updates!


    MIDI Tracker 1.3.4 released. Windows 8 support was improved.


    StackUp 1.4.1. is released. 'StackUp x6' (6x11) added!

    Also Windows 8 touchscreen is supported now.


    Browser SX 2.1.1 released! Download this free browser!


    MIDI Tracker 1.3.3 released. Several fixes and improvements.


    MIDI Tracker 1.3.2 released. Several fixes.


    All software registrations moved to RegNow. Also all software prices were reduced!


    Rename Easy 1.0.1 released


    WaveEd 0.8 released!


    Unit Converter 1.0 released!


    Browser SX Pro 2.1.0 released!


    Advanced Password Generator 1.1 released.


    NotePad SX Pro 1.3.0 uploaded!


    MIDI Tracker 1.3.1 beta released. Some improvements. Please mail me your opinion about current version of MIDI Tracker.


    I want to remind you we have very fun program freeware program listed. It called Graph Master (released 01-21-2009)


    Several new screenshots added


    Player 1.7.0. released. Some serious improvements and bug fixes. Plus: internet radio and internet TV enabled.


    Player updated to version 1.6.3


    Media Explorer update to version 2.0.1


    SALE! All prices reduced!!!


    MidiTracker 1.3.0 is released.


    Several pages in Russian for Browser SX, Media Explorer and Graph Master.


    Software Storm .com launched. Software Storm - to find programs quick and easy.


    Freeware Info .com launched. Freeeware and nothing else! In addition of Freeware Base


    Searching for YouTube video downloader to download YouTube videos? Stop paying for that, it's completely FREE with Browser SX


    Freeware Base .com launched. Freeeware and nothing else! In addition of Shareware Base


    Backup Utility reviewed by 3d2f.com


    Synchronizer SX 1.0.3 released


    StackUp 1.4.0. is released. All games now available in Netbook Mode (1024x600)! Plus 'Classic StackUp' (6x11) and new song from MIDI Tracker added. Play the games on your NetBook!


    Player and MIDI Tracker updated to versions 1.6.2 and 1.2.8


    Browser SX 2.0 released. Also Russian version available.


    Limited time offer! Buy Player for $ 24.95 $19.95


    New site for the Player.


    StackUp 1.3.1 is released. New game, Colored Bricks inside!


    Player 1.6.1 is released.


    You can request any new game based on StackUp. Order a copy of StackUp and request any game here


    StackUp 1.3 is released. Classic Bricks (10x20) inside!


    Media Explorer 2.0 is available for purchase.


    MidiTracker 1.2.7 is released.


    MidiTracker 1.2.6 is released.


    Player 1.6.0 is released.


    Our new forum is available!


    Graph Master 3.0 is released


    Media Explorer 2.0 is released


    Become 777th registered user of any our software product and get all other products for free! Register any product to participate.


    Free Software Downloads on NewFreeware.com. Clear, pure and simple.


    Player 1.5.7 released.


    StackUp 1.2 released. Columns, StackUp and Bricks inside!


    Synchronizer SX released


    SiteMan 1.0.5 released


    Player 1.5.6 released.


    Backup Utility 1.3.1 released


    MidiTracker 1.2.5 released. Windows Vista support fixed, fews bugs also fixed


    Password Generator 1.0 released.


    MIDI Tracker 1.2.4 released.


    MIDI Tracker 1.2.0 released.


    Player 1.5.5 released. Cue files support improved.


    Backup Utility 1.3 released


    MidiTracker 1.1.1 released.


    NotePad SX updated to v1.2.


    NotePad SX is plain text editor with many additional features, best of all, it is completely FREE.


    International whois service available: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .to, .ru and other top level domains are supported.


    Player 1.5.0 released. Happy New Year!


    MidiTracker 1.1.0 released


    FreeSeek.org launched. Web directory and search engine with over 4 000 000 sites listed. Currently uncontinued.


    AudioSoft.Info launched.


    StackUp released. Freeware game, requires DirectX.


    SaveCD 0.9 released


    Player 1.4.0 released


    Currently working on MidiTracker.


    SaveCD 0.7 beta released


    Player 1.3.2 beta and SiteMan 1.0.4 released


    Player 1.3.1 beta released


    MidiTracker 1.0.5 and SiteMan 1.0.3 released


    Player 1.3 beta released. Many new features, many changes.


    NewFreeware.com updates. Now with PAD support.


    Player 1.2 released. Some major changes: cue lists support, skins.


    Player 1.1.2 released


    MIDI Tracker 1.0.4 released


    Player 1.1 beta released


    Backup Utility 1.2 released


    MidiTracker 1.0.3 and Backup Utility 1.0b2 released


    FreewareSeek.com launched


    SiteMan 1.0.2 released


    Player 1.01 released


    SiteMan 1.0 released


    NewFreeware.com has been launched (finally ... it seems that it works)


    Player 1.0.0, BackUp Utility 1.0b1 and MIDITracker 1.0.2 are released.


    Finished the main part of site programming section.


    Concept of this site and some graphics has finished.

  • Quick Download:

    Audio and video player, playlist editor, mp3 tags editor. Supported formats including MP3, WAV, MID, WMA, CDA, AVI, MPG, ASF, WMV, WM, SND, AU, AIFF, M1V, MP2.


    MIDI Tracker
    MIDI Tracker is music editor with ability to import and export songs to MIDI format, support of 128 instruments, assigning volume and tracks count, playing and editing from PC keyboard.


    CD to WAV, CD to MP3, CD to OGG ripper; Wav to MP3 converter. CDDB support. The best way to rip whole CD into single file and navigate the titles easily!


    NotePad SX
    NotePad SX is a fast, stable, user-friendly, tabbed plain text editor

    Synchronizer SX
    With Synchronizer SX you can synchronize data in different folders, disks or different computers.

    New Freeware - over 50000 of free software download items
    Totally free downloads for freeware and free trials

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