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Q: do you know of a program that will rip wav files from a directory to mp3, as i have a lot of wav files in a directory,and want to convert them to mp3s

A: try SaveCD, http://www.rf1.net/software/savecd

Q: Trial version what is the code to enter

A: For trial version please click Evaluate

Q: Can you please advise me how to down load real player converter to mp3 ?

First of all, download Real Alternative at
http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Real_Alternative.htm or

I'm not sure about converting Real Media to mp3, but I guess this can help
There is also a WinAmp plugin
and http://www.free-codecs.com/download/PowerPlayer_for_Winamp.htm

I'm not sure about other converters, but I guess you should try VirtualDub
with required codecs to try to convert audio stream from one format to

Q: Thanks.
There is a slight problem.
When I enter that code info in the dialogbox I get an invalid code message.
The dialogbox also vanishes before I can manage to enter the letters and
So the app won't be of any use before you can provide me with some details
about what the problem is or what I should do to get this app up and

A: Hello,
Please use only copy/paste procedure, without any left/right spaces.
Don't try to enter it manually, because of similarity, for example, 'l',
'1', and 'I'. '0' and 'O'.
Just use copy/paste without spaces and if it not helps, feel free to contact
If it not helps for some (very strange) reason please send me your name with
english-only letters (26) and I'll send you another code.

Q: Dear autor of new freeware.com,

We went into your site in order to make the corresponding updates of our softwares through the PADs but it is not possible since the field to introduce the pad is very limited and does not accept long pads.

Could you help us with this, maybe you have the solution to update them.

Thanks in advance for your kind and soon response.

A: Hello,
Thank you for writing to me.
Due a large amount of spam I just have read your email.

I'll put it to the ToDo list and I hope to fix it Asap.

Best regards

PS: Fixed

Q: Are you accepting advertising on your site speedyfinder.com?

A: Yes, we are

Q: > hello

i developed a new graphic / text adventure game (freeware)
if you wish to check it for you site please let me know
and i will send it to you.

A: Please, just register and add it

Q: Hello RF1 Systems,

I just downloaded Player v1.5.5 and am still 'playing around' with it. So
far, I'm very impressed with it's ability to play every type of audio file
that I have. Very nice!

Comment: DVD players 'remember' your position in a DVD, and start at the
same spot the next time you start your DVD player. This is very convenient
when playing a long DVD movie. I've noticed that Player does the same
thing. If I exit Player when it's part way through a song, it restarts at
the same spot when I restart Player.

Question: Is there a way to have Player automatically 'rewind' the last
song played instead of starting it where it ended? I don't like starting
in the middle of a song.

A: Your question is very reasonable. Of course, Player should have more
customized settings. And this feature is one of the first in that list.

> When I run CD ripper I get the message "Native NT SCSI access not
> supported by the OS. You have to install the ASPI drivers, see
> CDex/FAQ/help file for more information."
> I don't know where to get the ASPI drivers or where the help file is.
> I hope you can help me
> Thanks

You should install ASPI drivers.
Download it from http://www.rf1.net/software/savecd/download.html

Best regards

> Hi Alex --
> HELP -- all I get, after install, is an error about having to install (or
> something) to/from SCSI, and then I get a million (unending) "list index out
> of bounds" dialog box error statements.
> What do you suggest?
> I'm running WinXPpro on a Pentium 4, with all the latest stuff on it (at
> least I think so).
> Thanks,
> -- Leon Webb

Hi, Lee
Please install
ASPI Drivers for Windows XP
(or Force ASPI 1.7)

Best regards

> Subject: StackUp
> Very cute! Very well done!
> An idea for improvement could be sounds and/or music.
> Also, a bit of help could be nice.
> But all in all, a lovely little game.


>Hi ,
> Cant we split the movie by using this player plz help.
>Warm Regards

Physically not. Virtually - yes.

> Hi - whenever I try to play a video file from your
> player (by double clicking the file's name in the main
> playlist area), I get the following error message:
> "No MCI device open"
> Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
> --Ben

It seems you don't have required codec.
Try to download free codec pack from Microsoft:
or download new (1.5) version of 'Player' at

Best regards

>When I import a .mid file that contains drums tracks, they are
>considered as a single column (eg : column #8 stands for 3 columns
>in fact. The 2nd and 3rd column have no number).
>Is it possible to manage such tracks with MidiTracker ? I mean is
>it possible to use Midi Drum kits while creating a score from
>scratch with MidiTracker ?

Press Ctrl+T to add a track to the current channel

Best regards,

>Thank you, this will help me to manage multiple tracks channel... Anyway, the "standard" 127 instruments MIDI set seems not to have drum kits.
>What can I do to assign durm kits to channels inside MidiTracker ?...
>Thanx again.

10th MIDI Channel is used for Drums.

Best regards

> We would like to submit our software product so as to reflect the
> following information:
> PAD URL: ...

Please register at http://www.newfreeware.com/login.php3?action=register to
retrieve the Pad file

Best regards

> i have several DJ mixes that i have done that are .mp3 files that are 75
> min + in length
> i want to be able to edit those .mp3 files and put in individual track
> points within that 75 mins
> i.e
> 00:00 track 1
> 06:42 track 2
> 10:11 track 3
> and so on
> can Player do that? if so how do i do it??
> regards
> Paul

Hello, Paul
1) Add mp3 file to the playlist
2) Right-click on mp3 file in the playlist and choose 'Assign Cue file'
3) Select the automatically added track. You can click on the light-blue
rectange on the right of time field and move the mouse up and down to change
the start time of current track.
4) Right-click on mp3 afile again and choose 'Add virtual track' as many
times as you need.
When you make the changes, the changes are saved automatically, you don't
need to save it in any manual order.

Best regards,

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Audio and video player, playlist editor, mp3 tags editor. Supported formats including MP3, WAV, MID, WMA, CDA, AVI, MPG, ASF, WMV, WM, SND, AU, AIFF, M1V, MP2.


MIDI Tracker
MIDI Tracker is music editor with ability to import and export songs to MIDI format, support of 128 instruments, assigning volume and tracks count, playing and editing from PC keyboard.


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